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Staircase Project

We never shy away from taking on the details and a challenge. Case in point, why order a staircase when you can build one yourself? Call in our good friends at Del Mar Steel to help with fabrication, then design, revise, design, revise, lock it in and then proceed to countless hours of milling down white oak (a few hundred board feet), laminating the solid treads, and days of routing the recess for the steel and adding recessed lighting channels at each step. Throw in more days of sanding and finishing to match flooring. As always, it took an army of people and machines to make it happen, along with more patience than we knew we had. Not going to lie, this took us for a journey into the unknown, but maybe the challenge and creativity is what keeps us hooked on this business! In our humble estimation, putting in the work on this project really paid off.